• Are all Virtual Summer Cello Festival (VSCF) activities and classes held online? 

Yes!  VSCF is 100% Virtual. Students and Faculty will “meet” on Zoom and in our Private Facebook group.

  • What if the connection is too slow and sound quality is affected?

We will be providing each participant with a high quality USB microphone and headphones to help maintain the highest sound quality possible. We recommend increasing your bandwidth to 5 Mbps for maximum wifi-connectivity. We will also be providing technical support to students as needed.

  • When will my private lessons occur? 

Private lessons will be scheduled to take place throughout the duration of the festival, outside of the regular group sessions. Each participant will have the opportunity to request specific teachers, and those requests will be taken into consideration when assigning and scheduling lessons.  

  • How many students will be accepted? 

One of the goals of VSCF is to provide focused attention to all of the participants and to give each of them access to our amazing guest artists and faculty. For that reason, we will be limiting the number of participants to around 25. If you are interested in participating as an auditor, please click here for more information. 

  • What makes VSCF different from other festivals?

VSCF is an intense program geared towards a small group of advanced cello students. The fact that chamber music and orchestral playing are not as feasible in the online realm allows us to keep the focus of the work on the individual students’ growth as cellists and performers. 

  • What else is included besides Lessons and Masterclasses?

In addition to the private lessons and masterclasses with esteemed guest artists, students will receive: 

  • Daily warm-ups and practice tips 
  • Practice accountability partner for each week 
  • Weekly studio classes 
  • Weekly sessions with experts in areas such as orchestral playing, writing application essays for schools and grants, instrument maintenance, and Baroque and Contemporary performance techniques
  • Seminars on topics such as Health & Wellness, Career Skills, Performance and Practice Skills, Technical skills for the today’s musicians, and Artistic Leadership.
  • Recordings of all lessons, studio sessions, and masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with other students and artists
  • Tech equipment kit with USB microphone and headphones